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How to Burn Essential Oils Without Diffuser: The 8 Actually Useful Ways

1. Just use the bottle

Without a doubt, the easiest way to diffuse essential oils without any kind of device is just using the bottle they come in. If you need some aromatherapy on the go, or just a quick and simple way to get a quick inhalation of your favourite oil, just pop the cap and have a sniff! It may seem overly simple but this is the original, and arguably best way to diffuse an essential oil. 

2. Spray bottle

Looking to diffuse your oil into an area without an outlet or just somewhere your diffuser isn’t reaching? A spray bottle is one of the best ways to do this. Mix a similar dilution of water to essential oil mixture, and pour it into a clean spray bottle. Shake the bottle extremely well to ensure you break up the essential oils into as tiny droplets as possible, and spray away!

reed diffuser

3. Reeds

This is a classic way to diffuse essential oils. Reed diffusion involves putting a dilution of essential oils with carrier oils into a small container, with the reeds inside and sticking out. The oils wick up the reed and evaporate out into the air near the top of the reed. This is a great passive method of diffusion, low and slow. It’s also great because they add a beautiful accent to many modern designs in the home.

4. Cotton Balls

This is an especially great way to make the most of your near empty essential oil bottles. Cotton balls soak up the oils and then evaporate out in a similar fashion to reed diffusion. If you’re using up a near-empty bottle of essential oils, stuff the cotton balls in straight to the bottom and then just leave the cap off for the diffusion to take place. 

5. On the stovetop

This is another simple way to get aromatherapy in the home. Put a mixture of water and essential oil, or carrier oil with essential oil on the stovetop in a small pot on the lowest setting possible. The heat will slowly evaporate out the oils into the air. You want to try and stir the oils to break up into small droplets, and also be careful you don’t evaporate out all the water and burn the bottom of your pot!

6. In the bath

While not exactly diffusion, using essential oils in the bath - either in bath bombs or in a carrier oil - is an amazing way to get the benefits of aromatherapy. Once it hits the warm water, it will diffuse out into the air, and you also get some nice benefits while soaking.

7. Candles

There are three ways to use candles to diffuse out essential oils. First, you can buy some essential oil infused candles. The second way is to make your own infused candles! The last way, and definitely the easiest, is to put a few drops into any regular candle while burning. Ideally, there will be a small puddle of wax in your candle already. 

8. Necklace

This is a commonly used way to bring essential oils with you wherever you go. Necklaces or bracelets made for diffusion usually contain some sort of porous disc or other mechanism to soak with an essential oil, and then snap into an enclosure so you can get some aromatherapy wherever you are. There are some pretty beautiful necklaces you can get out there too!