Everything You Need to Know About the Vitruvi Stone Diffuser Before You Buy

Typically, essential oil diffusers are cheaply made, in tacky looking plastic. And while this allows these companies to keep their costs down, if you're going to be using your diffuser regularly, you don't want an ugly plastic device taking up space on your counter or dresser.

The Vitruvi Stone diffuser completely overwrites the notion that diffusers can't be functional and aesthetically pleasing. But as we all know, looks aren't everything, so how does the Vitruvi stone diffuser actually perform and diffuse aroma? In this review we'll dissect this essential oil diffuser and see if it's really worth the steeper price tag.

Vitruvi Stone Essential Oil Diffuser

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    100ml reservoir
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    Handcrafted ceramic
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    Rubber anti-slip feet
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    Soft white LED with on/off
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    3hr interval, 7hr continuous use
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    540sqft diffusion coverage

Vitruvi Diffuser Review

One quick note: this is an ultrasonic diffuser. Ultrasonic diffusers have a pretty cool way of functioning, and tis Vitruvi diffuser uses the same mechanism. A small plastic disc rotates and vibrates at a very high speed (ultrasonically) that causes water to vaporize into tiny droplets, and shoot out through the top of the diffuser, producing aromatherapeutic mist. Not only do you atomize the essential oils, but you get some (usually much needed) humidification too! 

Design & Appearance

The Vitruvi Stone diffuser is arguably the most aesthetically pleasing ultrasonic diffuser you can get your hands on. In our opinion, the company absolutely nailed it with their handmade ceramic design.

It even just feels good in your hands, definitely the sign of a premium product. It also comes in either in a matte white or matte black finish.

The clean, modern look lends itself to most spaces and challenges the idea that a diffuser can't be both functional and beautiful, the Vitruvi stone diffuser is certainly both.

The ceramic doesn't just look great, but adds some functionality too - since it's actually quite heavy, it makes the diffuser quite difficult to tip over. Some cheaper essential oil diffusers are just made from cheap plastic, and are easy to tip and spill if you bump into it by accident. But, the wider base and weight of the ceramic adds stability making the Vitruvi stone diffuser safe to use around the house. 

The feet of the diffusers are a soft rubber which also helps the device grip its surface - a feature we absolutely love. If you've ever spilled an essential oil diffuser, you know what kind of mess they can make! 

Another nice feature we appreciate - the power cord is plugged into the device underneath and the cord spills out subtly between the feet and the surface it sits on. It might seem like a silly detail, but it's something we always look for as it shows thoughtfulness by the designers. 

The Vitruvi stone diffuser has a soft and warm LED light ring near the base that can be turned on and off as per your desire. Many other models feature up to 7 different colours of LED, but we think they tend to look a little kitschy, so we actually prefer just a simple, single colour.

The light is toggled on and off using the smaller of the two buttons on the back of the diffuser.

Operating Times

Vitruvi went with a "keep it simple" mindset when producing their stone diffuser with two main functions for operation: a 3 hour continuous setting (green light), or a 7 hour interval cycle (orange light).

Keep in mind these times will somewhat vary depending on the temperature and humidity of your space. But we like the fact that you only have two options, they're both long enough that you don't need more than that. The options are toggled using the larger of the two buttons.


In terms of capacity, the Vitruvi is in the middle of the pack compared to its competitors, with a 100ml capacity.

We find anything more than 80ml is a great option, so although it's not the biggest, it is enough to get you that 7 hours of continuous use.  

Some users find that they have to refill the reservoir after a single 3 hour run, since the auto-shut off mechanism actually takes effect sooner than fully empty. This is great since it protects the inner components of the stone diffuser, but can be a bit annoying.

For this reason, most users end up using the 7 hour interval mode, since it provides a more constant humidification and vapor, operating for 30 seconds on/off for 7 hours.

Coverage & Aroma

A very important factor to consider in a diffuser - the coverage. In other words, how big of a room can your essential oil diffuser actually produce aroma! 

We tested the Vitruvi stone diffuser in a space that was approximately 450 square feet. We filled the reservoir full, added 5 drops of Vitruvi Lavender essential oil, set the diffuser to the 3 hour continuous mode and waited.

Almost immediately, the aroma of lavender was noticeable right beside the diffuser. It took just over 25 minutes for the scent to be noticed throughout the space we tested in. In the farthest space from the diffuser, the scent was a little faint, but it built up over time.

While Vitruvi claims their stone diffuser can reach over 500 square feet, the aroma may be a little faint in a space so large. But, it's still much more effective than many other diffusers available.

We also re-did the test with 10 drops of oil and the aroma was more noticeable at a distance. Overall, the Vitruvi stone diffuser is fantastic all-around, in terms of performance. 

Noise Level

The noise level is another area where the Vitruvi diffuser shines. Another area where good design is key for a good product and form lends to function.

The heavy ceramic cover, the main feature of every diffuser Vitruvi, makes helps to mute any of the bubbling noises you get from an ultrasonic diffuser, making this one of the quietest devices you can get.


Vitruvi offers a 30-day refund window if you're unsatisfied with their product, as well as a 1-year limited warranty for any manufacturing defects.

Their customer service has excellent reviews, and although we haven't had any issues with our stone diffuser to date, it's good to know the service is there if we need it. 

Our Final Recommendation

Overall, the Vitruvi stone diffuser is actually one of our absolute favourite diffusers. 

Literally the only downfall to this product is the 100ml reservoir - which is still larger than most diffusers out there, it's just not the biggest.

Vitruvi is a premium brand, and their superior build quality reflects that. The handmade ceramic cover puts every diffuser Vitruvi makes, into a class all on their own. We love this product, and think you will too. 

Tips For Use

Because the reservoir is on the smaller side, we recommend using the 7 hour interval setting, with a higher concentration of oil so the oil is better distributed into your space (~10-15 drops).

The other thing we'd recommend is to use distilled or filtered water (like from your Brita filter). It's certainly not a must, and tap water works just fine, but tap water can contain certain microbial spores that you could be spreading throughout your house, and also leave mineral deposits on the inside of the BPA-free plastic lining.

The last thing we always suggest looking into is if you have any pets, do some research into using diffusers and essential oils around them, since certain oils are toxic to pets. If you have dogs or cats or other such pets, we'd suggest not using the 7 hour continuous mode when you're not at home, and limit the use of the diffuser to a room the pets don't go into often. Better to be safe in our opinion.

Care & Maintenance

Keeping your diffuser clean is crucial to make sure it operates properly for as long as you own it, and to ensure proper operation and vapour distribution. Cleaning it is super easy. Wipe out the reservoir with paper towel or a damp cloth to soak up any residual oil, then fill it with a 50:50 mixture of water and white vinegar. Run the diffuser for 5 minutes, then rinse or wipe the reservoir out, and you'll be good to go. We recommend doing this every 2 months or so.

More Essential Oil Diffusers to Consider

Not sure if the Vitruvi is the one for you? Fair enough! We all look for slightly different features in products, be that price, special features or something else. Check out our comprehensive list of the best essential oil diffusers to check out some other great options. 

What We Look For in an Essential Oil Diffuser

Diffusers come in all shapes and sizes, and with a variety of features. Primarily though, we focus on a few key categories when we test and review them to make sure you make an educated purchase. 

Design & Appearance

Do you believe in love at first sight? We sure do! We think that the visual appeal of a diffuser is extremely important when choosing. Why would you ever use, or display something you don't like the look of? We also look at how a diffusers form lends itself to its function, with features like rubber feet that prevent slipping on a surface. Also, what type of diffuser is it? Ultrasonic or nebulizing? It all adds up to a great product and we leave no detail unexplored. 

Operating Times

Many diffusers have several options in terms of their operating times. Interval settings, continuous runtimes, auto-shut offs when the water level is low, etc. Depending on how and when you plan to use your diffuser, this is a very important thing to consider.


Capacity, or how much water (and essential oils) a diffuser can hold directly relates to operating times, but more importantly how often you have to refill the diffuser. You can have the best diffuser, but if you have to refill it every hour, what good is that?


Before purchasing a diffuser, consider what room you will be using it in. Is it a large room or small room? The diffusion coverage that you will get out of your device will directly correspond to your satisfaction with its performance.

Noise Level

Some people like the "babbling brook" sound of ultrasonic diffusers, but for some it can be infuriating. Not all devices produce the same amount of noise, and if you use it in an office or in your bedroom, a noisy unit can cause frustration, so we always take this into account. 


When buying any product, you want to know that it's going to last, but as we all know, they don't always! So, you want to make sure your diffuser will be covered by warranty in that worst case scenario. 

With all that in mind, let's see how the Vitruvi Stone Diffuser stacks up in these areas of evaluation!