REVIVE Ultrasonic 
Diffuser Review 

Ultrasonic diffusers are the perfect addition to any home or office. Essential oils are dispersed into the air via tiny water droplets. Aromatherapy, the therapeutic use of essential oils is a growing trend, and with some solid science to back it up. We've reviewed lots of diffusers over the years and so when we get our hands on a new one, we really scrutinize. Long story short, we actually really love this REVIVE diffuser!

revive diffuser on table
  • 100ml reservoir
  • 250sqft diffusion coverage
  • Sleek design
  • 2 year warranty
  • Cool blue LED w/ on/off
  • Low water auto-off feature

What We Look For:

Design & Appearance

Not all essential oil diffusers are created equal, and if you're going to spend money on something that's going to be displayed in your space, it needs to look good. Some people prefer function over form, and that may be you, but we find the better something looks, the more likely we are to use it. 

Operating Times

Some diffusers have multiple modes of use, while some only have a single operation mode. It's nice to have flexibility, but again this is a personal preference on how many settings you require. Most folks usually just want to turn it on and let it run!


The capacity of a diffuser is arguably one of the most important factors to consider in a diffuser. The smaller diffusers do take up less space on your desk or counter, but unfortunately the smaller capacity means you have to refill it more often. This is one of those trade-offs you have to figure out on your own. In general, if you have the space, a larger capacity is typically more convenient. 

Coverage & Aroma

Aside from how it looks and how it runs, how effective the diffuser is at producing aroma is next up on our list of thing to check off the list. You don't want to empty an entire bottle of essential oils into your diffuser! A little should go a long way with a great diffuser. 

Noise Level

There are some folks who enjoy the gentle babbling of a diffuser, but it can drive others crazy. Some diffusers hum pretty loudly, so especially if you're going to be using it at work or while sleeping, you will want to consider a quiet model. 


Most diffusers we review have a 12-month warranty covering them, but some may have shorter or longer coverages, so it's something to consider! If you can find something longer than 12 months, that's always a big plus! 

Now that you know what we look for in diffusers, let's get to our review of the REVIVE Oasis Diffuser!

REVIVE Ultrasonic Diffuser Review

revive diffuser

Design & Appearance

The REVIVE diffuser is a sleek, bright diffuser that really impressed us upon unboxing.

Unlike some other diffusers with bamboo or ceramic components, this REVIVE diffuser is completely plastic, but the three different tones of white really add some class to it. 

It's simple, with a single button to control all the functions, yet there is beauty in the simplicity. The tapered shape and tall design add a lot of accent to whatever space you stick it in.   

It doesn't really bother us (we review these for a living) but the REVIVE logo in bright silver on the front of the diffuser might put some people off. It doesn't really detract and it really is a beautiful diffuser. 

We love to see rubber anti-slip feet, of which the REVIVE has 3 of. Since it is a little taller, it means it's a little more prone to tippage, so the feet are crucial to keep your diffuser upright! 

The cord isn't attached in the most aesthetically pleasing way, but this is really something we would really care about. There are only a few diffusers where we find this is done really nicely.

revive diffuser power cord

Operating Times

Remember what we said early about simple? REVIVE keeps it super simple with operating times keeping it to just two options: On or Off. You just hit the center button which cycles through On with Light On, or On with Light Off, and finally to off. It's not a deal breaker by any means, as most people like their diffusers to be running continuously.


This REVIVE diffuser only has a 100ml capacity, near the smaller end of capacity in terms of diffusers. There are some larger than 700ml now! The bigger the capacity, the less often you need to refill. But, it takes up much more space. What's nice about the REVIVE is the small footprint at only 4" in diameter. 

Coverage & Aroma

The REVIVE diffuser is designed to fill a room around 250 square feet, so not a huge room, but still decently sized. But we were really impressed by the coverage and aroma of this little diffuser. We put it on with the recommended 12 drops of oils, and had to leave the house for 3 hours. We came back to an amazing smelling home, and the diffuser was still running! 

top of revive diffuser

Noise Level

Where this diffuser really blew us away was how quiet it was! A lot of diffusers advertise a whisper-quiet diffuser, but really, if you didn't see the mist billowing out of the top of the diffuser, you would have no idea it was running!


Warranty is always an important factor when buying anything new, but especially electronics. The industry standard for diffusers is usually 12 months, but REVIVE gives you a full 24 months of coverage with this diffuser. And, having dealt with their customer service for an unrelated issue in the past, let me tell you - it's really, really great service. 

Our Final Recommendation

The Teo is one of those diffusers that almost everyone who comes over to your home or office and sees it, will comment on how sharp it looks. It really does excel in the looks department, with the combination of white ceramic and light beech wood base. 

Overall, REVIVE's diffuser impressed us. It's certainly not the biggest diffuser you can get your hands on at just 100ml of capacity, but it makes up for it in performance, and the small footprint. 

It looks great, with a sleek and simple white design. The build quality is above what is typically expected. It's not the flashiest in terms of features, though. It has only two options of operation, as well as only a single color of LED - cool blue. (some diffusers can show you the rainbow!). 

But there is beauty and functionality in simplicity, and REVIVE makes up for it with confidence in their product, backed by a 2 year warranty, 2x what most other companies are willing to provide. And, while it may be small, this diffuser packs a punch and disperses aroma really, really well, and with barely any sound. 

More Essential Oil Diffusers to Consider

So the REVIVE is a great option, but maybe you're looking for something with bigger capacity? Check out our "Best Of" list to see if there's another diffuser that catches your eye more!