diy reed diffuser

How to Use a Reed Diffuser

The biggest draw for most folks to a reed diffuser vs an ultrasonic diffuser is the ease of use. They require the least amount of work and maintenance. However, to get the most out of your reed diffuser, there are a few things to keep in mind for proper use. 

1. Choosing the right vessel

Whether you're buying a reed diffuser new, making one yourself, or just swapping out the vessel that it came with, you need to make sure you use the right one. Not every container will work. You want to choose one that has a small opening, so that the reeds fit in, but not anything else. This will keep dust and contaminants out, and will control the diffusion through the reeds vs. out of the bottle itself. 

2. Flip the Reeds

You'll want to regularly flip the reeds, to ensure uniform wicking and allow for the oil to disperse itself evenly over time. Typically, you only need to do this once every couple weeks, or when you notice the aroma decreasing. The smell is more noticeable after a flip, as you refresh the reeds and flip the direction of oil flow. So if you want more aroma when someone is coming to visit, give those reeds a quick flip. 

3. Change out the Reeds

Over time, the reeds due clog up and lose their effectiveness. Typically when you refill the oil is a great time to change out the reeds, so between 3-6 months is a good timeline to keep in mind, depending on your diffuser. 

4. Adjust the Number of Reeds

Some brands give you 10 reeds right off the hop, some 5. Regardless of the number, your space will have different aroma needs depending on the size of the room and where you live. You can easily adjust the aroma level by removing or adding reeds. It also speeds up or slows down the diffusion. So, you may only need one or two reeds in a small bathroom. You may want all 10 in your living room. And, if you're going away for longer periods of time, just consider taking them all out to save the oil. 

5. Use a Coaster

You don't have to use an actual coaster for this, but you may want to consider placing a small decorative plate underneath your reed diffuser if you want to protect the surface underneath. This is really only of concern when you are refilling it, so not everyone will need to consider this use tip. 

6. Choose the Right Room

Because reed diffusers work using evaporation, it requires the circulation of air to evaporate the oils from the reed. Placing the diffuser in an area with good air circulation and foot traffic, like your entranceway, bathroom or near a frequently used door window will allow for good air circulation and good evaporation. 

And there you have it! 6 great tips for use of your reed diffuser to get the most of it. Did we miss any big tips you often adhere to? Comment below with any tips for use we may have missed.