Simply Earth Essential Oils Review

Simply Earth (SE) is an aromatherapy brand that prioritizes ethics, sustainability, honesty, and quality. Upon opening their webpage, it is abundantly clear from the homepage that Simply Earth cares about living a toxin-free, pure, and ethical home life in all aspects. Their website is user friendly and easy to navigate, making it a pleasant experience for the customer.

Helping you live a life free from toxins and chemicals in your home is SE's ultimate goal as a company. The idea for their brand came from one of the founders, Katie, having stinky feet. She wanted a natural solution to her stinky feet problem, and could not seem to find a reputable and effective natural solution -- until she came across essential oils. From the research they did around finding a solution for Katie's stinky feet, they discovered that bulk buying essential oils were actually not that expensive. Because of this, they decided that they would build their brand on affordable pricing and high-quality products. 

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Brand Promises

We love a brand that provides detailed information about their testing and quality assurance. By clicking the 'Simply Pure Promise' tab on their webpage, you can easily find SE's promises to the customer in regards to quality testing and the purity of their products. Their three main promises are, 'Ethnically Sourced', 'GC/MS Tested', and 'No Additives'. Let's take a deeper dive into these three main promises. 


Ethical sourcing is a solution to a problem that has continued on for too long. Labor should always be valued, and the workers should be fairly compensated and treated with respect. Far too often, companies will source and manufacture their products the cheapest way possible, instead of the most ethical way possible. We are so glad to see that Simply Earth has made it a priority to get their oils from small, ethically, and sustainably run farms where the ingredients are most abundant. They have a map on their webpage that shows what oils are sourced from which country, giving the consumer a better idea as to where their products are coming from. This also proves the quality of the oil because they are farming the ingredients from countries where they are locally thriving. 

GC/MS Testing

GC/MS testing is one of the most popular ways for essential oil companies to ensure that their oils are 100% pure. If a brand states that their products are GC/MS tested, you can pretty much guarantee that you will be receiving a pure oil. If the brand does not state this, you have a reason to question the quality of the oils. One of the great things about Simply Earth is that they provide the GC/MS testing report for every product on their product summary page. Transparency is key! We love that. 

No Additives

A product would not be 100% pure if it was filled with additives, synthetic fragrances, contaminants, or any other fillers. Simply Earth has promised its customers that their oils have zero ingredients other than what is necessary for the essential oil itself. They clearly state on their webpage that they "make sure that NO contaminants ever make it into your bottle."

Whenever purchasing essential oils, be sure to check their values, testing, and quality assurance before purchasing. Many brands will sell fake oils filled with synthetic fragrance or contaminants so that they can produce them for cheaper. A reputable brand, like Simply Earth essential oils, will be transparent about their testing because it is something that will benefit their brand, the consumer's health, and home. 

Products They Offer

Now that we've got all of the ethics out of the way, let's talk about the products themselves! Like other brands, SE has a wide range of products to choose from. Single pure essential oils, blends, roll-ons, carrier oils, and EO accessories are all available on their webpage.

Their website is like a one-stop-shop when it comes to everything aromatherapy. Their single oils are fairly straightforward, offering pure scents that you can use individually, or choose to mix into an oil recipe. SE also offers pre-mixed oil blends that target specific needs, like easy breathing, or tranquility. If you are looking for a topical blend, they offer roll-ons that are safe to use directly on the skin. Purchasing a roll-on is a great option if you are not sure how to dilute the oil before application.

Something unique about Simply Earth's brand is that they offer accessories on their webpage that will help you make your own creations with their pure essential oils. For instance, selling lip balm containers and wool dryer balls to encourage you to make your own essential oils DIY projects -- which, in our opinion, is the most fun part about aromatherapy. 

Essential Oil Subscription Box

If you are an avid essential oil junky, you might find some interest in their subscription box offering. What you can do is subscribe to receive their monthly offering, which is an essential oil recipe box. They provide you with four full-size essential oils, any extras you need, and instructions on how to make your own creations using the products they send you in the essential oil recipe box. For example, the recipe box may include, two single oils, two blends, a spray bottle, emulsifying wax, vegetable glycerin, and instructions on how to make a fantastic smelling candle.

The subscription to their recipe box seems to be a good deal considering it is only $39.00/month. Not only that but when you subscribe to the essential oil recipe box, you get the big bonus box for free. The big bonus box is only free upon subscribing to the essential oil recipe box. The subscription to the recipe box comes with free shipping and a cancel-anytime policy. In many cases, companies will trap you into a subscription and make you pay for any cancellations. Simply Earth makes it super easy to cancel with no commitment to future month's payments. 

Contributions to Causes

One of the most impressive aspects of this brand is its commitment to giving back. Human sex trafficking is a global issue that needs more attention. Approximately four million humans are victims of sex trafficking every year. Simply Earth has partnered with 13 incredible foundations that fight against human sex trafficking. The foundations they have partnered with include, ECPAT International, Disrupting Traffick, Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking, International Justice Mission, Anti-Slavery International, Shared Hope International, Children of the Night, Freedom Cry, 5 Stones, My Refuge House, Destiny Rescue, A21, and NightLight.

Simply Earth has committed to donating 13% of its proceeds between these corporations to help those affected by human sex trafficking. Human sex trafficking is an issue that seems to get looked at with a blind eye by society. Since it is all happening behind the scenes, actions against it are not taken as seriously as other issues in the world. Awareness and action need to be taken by more individuals, groups, brands, and governments since there are millions of victims that are succumbed to this tragedy yearly.

When a brand dedicates a certain percentage of their profits to give back to a cause, it makes the consumer more inclined to support their business. It is so important to raise awareness and funding for foundations that are taking action against tragedies such as sex trafficking because most people are unaware of how they can get themselves involved. By a brand like Simply Earth sharing 13% of its profits with these foundations, consumers can feel good about where their money is going. We strongly encourage you to read more about Simply Earth's contributions and partnerships to take action against human sex trafficking by clicking here


As mentioned above, Simply Earth has tried to make its products as high-quality and pure as possible for an affordable price. One of the inspirations for their brand was to not have to pay more than what they should for good quality essential oils -- therefore making their products as fairly priced as possible. When looking at the prices of their essential oils, they typically hover between the $7.99 to $16.99 price range, depending on the sourcing accessibility of the oil.

I wouldn't say that Simply Earth's essential oils are the cheapest on the market, however, you get what you pay for. These oils are definitely great quality, and Simply Earth provides all relevant information to prove it. I would say the subscription recipe box is a great value -- especially since there is no cancellation fee. If you are looking to make your home an aromatherapy palace, subscribing to the recipe box for $29.99, and receiving the bonus box for free, is a deal to definitely take advantage of. Along with the recipe box and bonus box being reasonably priced, their essential oils accessories are priced well too.

The accessories, like empty glass containers for mixing your own creations, salts, beeswax, wool dryer balls, and aloe gel, are all listed at prices that are fair. Simply Earth essential oils are worth the price, especially since they share their profits with foundations to fight against human sex trafficking. We always love a company that gives back and genuinely takes action to better the world. Are Simply Earth's essential oils the cheapest on the market? No. But knowing that the consumer's money is going towards great foundations is worth every penny. 


This is definitely a company you want to check out if you're looking for pure, unadulterated oils at a reasonable price point. As we previously said, our only cons would be our hesitation towards companies using third parties for the extraction processes and the questionable authenticity of the website. Overall, we would recommend this company. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Simply Earth oils pure?

Yes, Simply Earth has done a great job in making sure their customers know that their products are 100% pure, and high-quality. They clearly state on their website that their oils are third-party tested with GC/MS testing to ensure there are no fillers, additives, or synthetic fragrances in their products.

Is Simply Earth legit?

Simply Earth as a brand is definitely legit. They provide GC/MS reports for all of their oils so that you know that they are pure. They share their profits with other foundations and have a completely transparent, honest, business model. We love Simply Earth essential oils.

Can you ingest Simply Earth essential oils?

While some essential oils brands say you can ingest their products, we typically always recommend you refrain from it. Essential oils are very potent and have the potential to harm the body if too much is ingested. It is safest to use them in a diffuser or topically instead of ingesting them.

What is the best essential oil brand?

There are many great essential oil brands on the market, and there are also several that are not good at all. Simply Earth essential oil definitely makes it onto our top brands' list. We love Simply Earth because of their recipe box deal with the free bonus box, their business values, and their efforts to give back to the community to help fight against human sex trafficking. We definitely recommend this brand. Check out their products by clicking here.

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