Revive essential oils are the new oils to come onto the essential oil scene, and they've generated a lot of hype along the way! They're a direct to consumer company, meaning they can keep their costs down, and basically guarantee their prices are cheaper than the big brands you may think of like doTerra or Young Living.

But how do Revive essential oils stack up in terms of quality? What is their product line-up like? What about their customer service and shipping policy? We'll answer every question you may have, so read on! Note: in order to not show ads on the site, this article may contain affiliate links for which we receive a small commission if you make a purchase through one of the links. 

Overall, we've been very impressed with Revive Essential Oils. Their commitment to quality, organic sustainable practices, as well as their unprecedented openness and honesty. Unlike MLMs there's no minimum spends or monthly fees. They display all their quality testing on their website, offer a 100% money back guarantee, and free shipping across the globe. Revive really took a look at what was missing in the industry, and built a company to fill every gap. 

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Our Favourite Essential Oils from REVIVE

1. Peppermint Oil

revive peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is a great oil to have around the house for many different uses: diffusing, cooking, roll-on for headaches and more. Revive's peppermint is sourced from right here in the USA and is some of the highest quality peppermint you can get. We love using peppermint in cleaning products to add a fresh scent around the house. It's also great for treating headaches and colds and flus.  

2. Revive Immunity Boost

Revive's Immunity Boost is a proprietary blend of essential oils that are proven to boost the immune system, including clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. You always want to dilute essential oils with a carrier oil, but after that, this blend is safe for topical or ingesting. Or, just use it in a diffuser with a few drops. Give your immune system the boost it needs with this blend!

3. Certified Organic Starter Kit

This USDA Certified Organic kit is an awesome value purchase, or a great starter kit as well. With 6 different oils: lavender, lemon, peppermint, tea tree, frankincense and eucalyptus, you've got a lot of variety of oils to use in various ways, from diffusing to topical and ingesting. Or, you can get creative and make your own blends! Revive's organic oils are some of the best on the market and this is a great value option. 

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About Revive Essential Oils

Revive Essential Oils were developed in San Francisco, by founder Alexandria George, with the mission to "provide customers with the highest quality essential oils while maintaining ethical farming practices. Because the raw materials for many fragrance oils are sourced from outside the United States, it's important to purchase from a company with ethical practices.

The founders took a look at some of the MLM brands that they were buying from, and started asking themselves why are these essential oils so expensive? You may not be aware, but the majority of the cost of an MLMs oils comes from jut sustaining the reps costs. Revive, as a direct to consumer brand, doesn't stock their oils in stores, or force representatives to buy and then sell their products. Skipping the middle man keeps costs low for you. 

Quality & Purity

Of course, a company can tout their ethical and sustainable practices and low costs until the cows come home, but if their product doesn't compete from a quality perspective, then the company will crumble. So, how do Revive's essential oils perform?


Like most products, the quality of essential oils begins with the raw materials. Revive essential oils are sourced from around the world, to ensure each oil starts with the best quality plant materials possible. For example, their Cypress is sourced from Australia, Lime from Mexico, and their Thyme is from France. You can actually see the origin of every oil, and the specific plant species used in the oils on their website.

An example of this is most easily observed with the Peppermint Oil from Revive, sourced from right here in the United States. Many cheaper companies that sacrifice quality for cost source peppermint from China, India or elsewhere, where harmful pesticides are used and so the plant materials, and subsequent essential oils are of lesser quality.

Revive is highly selective about the essential oils they purchase, and make a point to purchase their plant materials from small farmers and businesses, to help support local economies. Essential oils quality starts from here. 

bee on lavender


Revive essential oils are almost exclusively produced using steam distillation, with the exception of most of their citrus oils. Steam distillation is the most common method of essential oil extraction.

Steam distillation involves macerating the fruit, plant or bark, and then boiling it at high temperature, through a series of tubes. The essential oils are boiled out of the raw material in the steam of the water. The steam travels up and out of the tank, and condensates, forming water droplets on the tubes. Then, we're left with a mixture of essential oils in water, almost exactly what you'll have in your diffuser eventually! The mixture is left to rest until the water and oil separates, with the oil on top because it less dense. Then, you simply can pour out the water and be left with the oil! This is the best way to retain the quality of the oils.

Revive's citrus oil are produced using cold press distillation, where the boiling/steaming step is avoided. Oils from the rinds and skins of citrus fruits can easily be pressed and separated, resulting in a high quality and affordable oil. Citrus oils are great in cleaning products to bring a fresh aroma and antibacterial properties. 


Because we use essential oils so intimately in so many ways in our lives, the quality of the essential oils we use is absolutely crucial. Whether you are applying them topically, ingesting them or even just diffusing, you don't want any adulterated synthetic compounds in your oils. There are many harmful and carcinogenic compounds used in cheap, fake essential oil brands so it's important to choose high quality essential oils above all else.

Dr. Pappas is a household name in the essential oil industry. He uses modern biochemical technology in order to evaluate today's essential oil brands in an unbiased, third party manner. Revive Essential Oils actually has Dr. P's laboratory evaluate all their oils before sale to ensure the quality, purity and safety of their products. Below is a video of Dr. Pappas calling out some adulterated / synthetic additives in a few cheap essential oil brands.

Revive makes all their testing reports public, such as their GC/MS tests. GC/MS stands for Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry and is the leading test to determine the purity of essential oils. There are many other tests (20+) they perform that you can read about on their website that are all used to assure the essential oils quality and purity. Revive essential oils quality is above the average industry, and they're some of the purest essential oils you can get. 

Q: Are Revive Essential Oils 100% Pure?

A: Yep, you bet. Revive essential oils are 100% pure, therapeutic grade. This means that their aromatherapy products have nothing in them but the pure essential oils from the plants they were harvested from. No synthetic compounds, no enhancements, just pure unadulterated essential oil. Revive also produces many certified organic essential oils! 

Revive's Product Offerings

Revive has many different product types available, from isolates to blends. Here's a look at their current products.

Essential oils

First and foremost, they make high quality essential oil isolates. They produce almost 100 different isolates, and many of them are Certified Organic essential oils. Their Certified organic essential oils starter kit includes Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Frankincense and Eucalyptus, all certified organic. These essential oil kits are a great place to start if you're just getting started! And if you're looking for something else a little more exotic, they probably have it.

Their Tea Tree oil is one of our absolute favourites, harvested from the Melaleuca alternifolia plant in Australia. It's often hard to find USDA certified organic tea tree, so this is a great find!

People have been emailing us for weeks to tell us how they think Revive makes aromatherapy products that no other essential oils company comes close to, prompting this review of the company.

Product Packaging

The packaging for Revive essential oils is super cute! They come in a navy blue cardboard box with a small heart printed on the corner of the box. We absolutely love that the packaging is sustainable and recyclable, and not wrapped up in a bunch of useless plastic.

revive essential oil packaging

Revive went with the minimalist approach to their essential oils packaging and bottles. Each bottle is a small amber glass with the typical dropper. A white label is then superimposed by a brightly colored label that corresponds with the essential oil and its plant source. Some may not love the appearance but we're personally a fan of this minimalist approach.


They also produce many different blends, and have specifically formulated their blends to reflect the common offerings of other companies, so if there's a specific blend you love, you'll likely find it at Revive. doTerra and Young Living often retain their customers by producing specific blends that keep people wanting to buy. These blends have very specific aromas and uses, and once a customer finds what they like and what works, they want to keep buying these blends.

Revive has made this awesome comparison chart so that you can choose the Revive essential oils blend that's most similar to doTerra and Young Living's blends, so you can get the same effects and aroma of your favourite blends from those two companies.

Carrier Oils

Revive also makes their own carrier oils that you can buy. Carrier oils are very important for the use of essential oils in certain situations, such as topical use. Revive makes Argan oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba, coconut, grapeseed, rosehip and hemp seed oil which you can use to dilute your essential oils before use. Revive essential oils are no different from many other companies, in that you always want to use a carrier oil for almost all uses aside from a diffuser.

CBD Oils

Revive was also once producing CBD oils, however it seems like they're not currently offering them. If you're not familiar with CBD oil, you've likely heard about it. Many people are learning the benefits of CBD oil and its effects on pain, inflammation and anxiety. Their CBD Pet oils are great for anxious pets with separation anxieties. They also made a CBD mint and CBD chocolate mint oil, as well as a CBD extra strength oil and CBD extra strength chocolate mint.

It seems like Revive has temporarily suspended their CBD oil sales, though. You can search for them in Google but the pages don't exist, and they're not on the Revive website anywhere as well. We'll reach out to the company and find out an update for you as soon as we know. 

revive bergamot oil up close

Customer Service

Although Revive is a smaller company, they know what parts of the business they need to focus on, and that includes their customer service and fulfilment.

Their shipping policy is one of the best in the industry for an essential oil brand. They offer free shipping, worldwide. Free shipping to the USA and Canada is standard, and you just have to make your order above a minimum order size for other parts of the world to qualify for free international shipping. They may be a small company, but with policies like this they're competing with the biggest brands and Amazon.

Revive also has a stunning return policy - a 100% money back guarantee. They're so confident in their oils, they offer free return shipping within 100 day of purchase, even if you open the bottle. You can see why consumers in countries around the world are raving about their experience with Revive.

Summary: Revive Essential Oils

So, what do we have to say about Revive essential oils. All in all, nothing but good things! They're a young essential oil brand, but they really took a good look at the market and industry and took a thoughtful approach to their products.

The quality of Revive essential oils is top notch, which as we know, all starts from the raw materials. By sourcing high quality materials from around the world, their oils are some of the highest quality available. They perform a variety of quality assurance tests, including third party testing from Dr. Pappas, to ensure the utmost quality and purity.

Their policies on satisfaction and fulfilment, to ensure a 100% satisfied customer is unparalleled. What other brands offer 100% money back guarantee within 100 days of purchase? And free return shipping? 

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Revive Essential Oils are just one more essential oil brand of the dozens we've reviewed over the years. If you're interested in how they stack up against our other essential oil brand review, check out our full article here. We compare and contrast all the companies making the best essential oils, and also let you know which brands to stay away from!

Frequently Asked Questions about Revive Essential Oils:

Are Revive Essential Oils Legit?

Yes, yes they are. Revive essential oils are some of the best quality fragrance oils you can buy, and many of their products are also suitable for ingesting and topical use. This is a statement Revive has made directly about their essential oils: “free from additives, adulterants, fillers, synthetics, or dilutions."

Can you Ingest Revive Essential Oils?

Only certain oils from Revive are safe for ingesting, such as their Grapefruit, Ginger, Carrot Seed and Lavender oils. A full list is available here. Always consult a physician before ingesting and follow the label's instructions.

What are Revive Oils?

Revive oils are the newest brand of essential oils to shake up the industry. They offer low cost, high quality oils with an impressive 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Are Revive Oils as good as doTerra?

Revives oils are as good as doTerra, if not better. Both companies source from quality manufacturers and provide their GC/MS testing to the public to verify their purity. Revive essential oils are more affordable though, and you aren't supporting yet another essential oils MLM.