Everything You Need to Know About Nature's Truth Essential Oils (Review)


Nature's Truth bases its brand on the foundation of purity, research, and honesty. They believe that essential oils should be extracted from only the best natural sources available. One of their main values is Truth.

Consumers can often be deceived regarding information about purity and ingredients when it comes to their product. If there could only be one thing to know before purchasing essential oils, it would be to know exactly what ingredients are used to produce them. 

Our Favorite Essential Oils from 
Nature's Truth

It can definitely be overwhelming when getting into essential oils and aromatherapy because there seem to be so many different uses. It can also be difficult to know which scent to choose when there seem to be hundreds of options. Without spending a ton of time researching which scent is helpful for specific uses, its always great to have some recommendations to follow for when you just cannot decide what to order. What I find unique about Nature's Truth essential oils are their fun 15ml scent blends. For that reason, I am going to recommend some of my favourites. Listed below will be two great scent options and a quick overview of what the potential benefits of using them can be. 

Nature's Truth Good Nite (100% Pure Oil Blend)

natures truth good nite

One of the highest-rated scent blends Nature's Truth offers is their Good Nite Essential Oil. The ingredients in this blend include Lavender Oil, Tangerine Oil, Bergamot Oil, Cypress Oil, Geranium Oil, Frankincense Oil, and Chamomile Blue Oil. Lavender is always a great option when it comes to relaxation and Frankincense is known to help reduce inflammation in the body and has been used to relax joints and muscles which aids in healthy sleep. While relaxing Lavender and Frankincense can help to relieve the body of tension and inflammation, another key ingredient in this blend is Tangerine Oil, which may help reduce stress in the mind. Tangerine oil is a bright and citrusy scent that often lifts the mood and aids in reducing stress and anxiety. Just by digging a little bit deeper into three of these ingredients, it's apparent that this blend of essential oils may be just the right combination to provide a restless sleep. If you struggle to fall asleep or unwind at nighttime, it may be worth your while to look into an order of this calming and comforting essential oil blend. Another great option about this blend is that it is offered in a mist-spray that would be an incredible addition to your bedtime routine. A couple sprits on the pillow before bed and you'll be sure to get the sleep of your dreams. 

Nature's Truth Happiness (100% Pure Oil Blend)

natures truth happiness oil

The second blend I would like to highlight is the popular Happiness Essential Oil. This blend would be amazing to add a couple of drops into a diffuser in the morning, or throughout the day to stimulate energy and happiness. The ingredients in this blend include a blend of Cedarwood Oil, Lemon Oil, Spearmint Oil, Tangerine Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Nutmeg Oil, Myrtle Oil, and Jasmine Oil. Happiness aromatherapy essential oils are known to aid in stress relief and stimulate your senses to enhance your overall mood. This is achieved by mixing citrus-based oils like lemon, tangerine, and grapefruit, with a warm and spicy scent like cedarwood. This blend will be sure to please your senses with its energizing and awakening scent. Who could say no to a little happiness pick-me-up? I know I would definitely get this on order ASAP. 

About Nature's Truth Essential Oils

Many brands will create essential oils that are not pure so that they can be sold for a cheaper price, making them more appealing than other brands. When doing this, many filler ingredients are added in which can end up being harmful to the body.

What Nature's Truth promises is that all of their ingredients are listed on the packaging so that the consumer knows exactly what goes into the bottle. Raw materials like flowers, fruits, herbs, and spices are used to perfect their recipes and provide an honest product that aromatherapy beginners or experienced buyers will be proud to order. Like other aromatherapy brands, Nature's Truth has a variety of products to choose from when visiting their website.

Nature's Truth can be found on many online retailers which is one of the great things about their brand. On Nature's Truth website you can choose the menu option 'Where to Buy' which will then show a list of links where their products can be found online. The consumer can find a range of vitamins, essential oil mists, essential oil roll-ons, diffusers, and carrier/base oils on Nature's Truth website, or other online retailers like Amazon so you can order directly to your door with no hassle. In this review, we will breakdown what makes this aromatherapy company different from other brands, and whether we recommend them as a credible and honest aromatherapy company. 

Quality & Purity

With all aromatherapy companies, the truth is in the purity and quality of the ingredients! Nature's Truth has committed to finding and sourcing the best quality ingredients from all around the globe to provide pure, plant-based offerings for their consumers. To ensure that their products are as high-quality as they set their standard, they make sure all of their suppliers are researched, educated, and knowledgeable about sourcing and supplying raw materials that are then manufactured into the oils and other offerings consumers can order. Since their materials are sourced from where in the world the ingredients are locally grown, there is a risk of variation in the product depending on the time of year the raw materials were sourced. Nature's Truth oils and products will always strive to please the customer with their offerings by ensuring that the quality and purity of the essential oil is always to their standard. They leave no room for curiosity about what is in the bottle when the ingredients are labelled 100% pure right on the packaging. 

Company Guarantees

As the world moves toward a more sustainable goal, it is important to put our money where good business morals and ethics are practiced. Many customers want to be guaranteed that the consumables are safe for individuals with allergies and coincide with their lifestyles free of GMO's and parabens. Nature's Truth states on their website that they guarantee the following: NON-GMO // Gluten-Free // Plant-Based // Paraben Free // GC MS Tested


Nature's Truth has a team of expert lab technicians that carefully test their oils to make sure they meet their standards of quality and purity. One of the many tests that Nature's Truth performs on their oils is a process called 'Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry' (GC/MS). If you don't know what this is, it is an analytical method that determines the identity of different components in a sample. This process is particularly important for identifying the purity of the oils because it is able to break down the components of the compound or blend into individual parts, making it easy to see if the compound is pure or filled with other unnecessary ingredients. If the compound is not pure, the sample is rejected by Nature's Truth. GC and MS testing makes sure consumers are receiving a very high-quality oil, free from filler or other unnecessary ingredients. This also ensures that the label is correct with every individual ingredient of the blend. 

Product Offerings

Variety, variety, variety! Having options from an aromatherapy company is one of my biggest acclamations about Nature's Truth. Their wide variety of aromatherapy scents make it a great experience to browse their website. From pure essential oils to vitamins, they seem to have it all. Along with pure essential oils for aromatherapy, they also carry their own unique blends of pure oils for several desired uses.

For example, they carry an aromatherapy oil blend called "Mental Clarity" which contains 100% pure: Basil Oil, Rosemary Oil, Peppermint Oil, Lemon Oil, Bergamot Oil, Cardamom Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Geranium Oil, Chamomile Oil and Jasmine Oil. Oil mist sprays, roll-ons, blends, 2oz singles, 15ml singles, and diffusers can be found on Nature's Truth website -- however offerings like vitamins, supplements, and serums can be found on other online retailers. The website itself focuses mainly on providing information about Nature's Truth essential oils. 


Nature's Truth packaging is professional and inviting with a recognizable green 'Nature's Truth' banner that will definitely please your eyes. The packaging boxes match the design that is printed for the bottle label, making it easy to recognize the brand. The aromatherapy essential oil bottles come in 15ml or 2oz options, giving the consumer a choice between a long-lasting larger bottle, or one to try out if they have not used it before they order it for the first time. The bottles are tinted a dark colour to ensure the contents maintain stable and will not be affected by the light, which could degrade the quality. The packaging is overall very pleasant to look at. Nature's Truth has decided to keep it simple so that the important information stands out and the consumer's eye is not distracted by unnecessary and overwhelming designs. 

How to Use

People like to use essential oils for many different reasons. Some people enjoy just dropping them into a diffuser for some aromatherapy, some people like to mix them with carrier's to put directly on the skin, and others like to sue them for fun and natural DIY cleaning products. Whatever you choose to use them for, it is important to know exactly how they should be applied, and if it is safe to use them in that way.

What I love about the website is their 'How to Use' page. They break down and provide advice for their different offerings and teach different ways to use them. I'm sure beginner users would be pleased to see different ideas on how to use the aromatherapy essential oils in creative ways. For instance, dryer sheets, air fresheners, or homemade household cleaners. I specifically really enjoyed the breakdown of how to use their diffuser. I've definitely purchased diffusers before where I cannot tell if I've put in enough essential oils, or I am unsure about how I should take care of the diffuser. This 'How to Use' section gives a great overview of how many drops of oils should be in the diffuser, how to clean it afterward, and proper care of the item. These instructions can all be found in the 'How to Use' page on the website. 

Where to Buy?

Being the big company that Nature's Truth is, you can find Nature's Truth essential oils on many online and retail stores making it easy for the consumer to find their items. Nature's Truth site leaves you questioning nothing when it comes to wondering where to buy their high-quality pure essential oils.

The 'Where to Buy' page of their website provides direct links to online retailers and even a map tool where the consumer can search the closest places to buy would be! This tool would work great for American's, but unfortunately for the rest of the world, we will just have to find the perfect Nature's Truth essential oil on our own.

Luckily, Nature's Truth oils, vitamins, diffusers, and other amazing offerings can be purchased online and delivered to your home, you may just have to pay extra for shipping. Luckily, we find Amazon typically has the best deals and often free shipping too! 

Final Verdict: Are Nature's Truth Oils a Good Buy?

Overall, this company did not leave anything out when creating their website. It is easy to use, provides insightful information about the company, their manufacturing procedures, and highlights their products in an easy-to-understand layout.

Nature's Truth is such a large company that it is pretty hard to go wrong when it comes to their consumables. One thing to mention is that when going to purchase Nature's Truth via their own website, it will redirect you to a different online retailer.

he website is specific for relaying information regarding the company and oils, instead of acting as a retailer. I would have to say that the accessibility to order online or shop in-store for these oils is fantastic compared to other companies.

They provide an immense amount of information about where to buy the oils and vitamins, have great reviews on popular online retailers like Amazon and Walmart, and provide high-quality aromatherapy essential oils. Definitely give this brand a try if you are looking to get started in aromatherapy but want to go with a company that provides safe, tested, and healthy oils. Whether you choose to order online or shop in-store, there is an option that will please you! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Nature's Truth essential oils pure?

Yes, from the information we have access to online, and knowing how much the brand values honesty and transparency it is safe to say that these oils are pure! From the information we are given about testing and manufacturing, to the branding on the bottles, we are pleased with the purity of these oils.

Is Nature's Truth a good brand?

Nature's Truth is a well developed and nationally recognized brand, making it fair to say that they are indeed a good brand. Typically with brands that are trusted by many different retailers and consumers, it is a sign that they are providing a great product for an affordable and accessible price. Of course, everyone is entitled to form their own opinions about a brand, but from what we can research about Nature's Truth, they can be trusted as an accomplished and great brand.

Which brand of essential oils are the purest?

Nature's Truth provides a great pure essential oil product! You can trust their products given the information provided on their website in regards to testing, and company standards. There are lots of other great essential oil brands you can check out by following this link.

How do you use Nature's Truth essential oil?

There are many ways you can use Nature's Truth essential oils! One of the most popular ways would have to be adding them to a diffuser and getting the aromatherapy benefits of them by breathing them in! Another great way to use essential oils is topically.

One super important thing to remember with topical use is that an essential oil should always be mixed with a carrier oil (like jojoba oil, almond oil, or grapeseed oil) so that the potency of the essential oil doesn't cause any irritation or damage to the layers of your skin. For more creative ways to use essential oils, read the article linked here