LagunaMoon Essential Oils Review: EVERYTHING you Need to Know

Lagunamoon is a brand that focuses on beauty developed from within. They believe that people should feel beautiful from within themselves, and natural beauty products are the way to achieve that.

Feeling good about the products you use, will help you feel good about yourself from the inside, out. When going onto their website you'll come across their home page which features their best sellers, any sales going on at the time, and new arrivals.

If you're looking for a one-stop-shop for beauty products, this may be the online store for you. However, if you are looking for the best essential oil, you may want to continue reading to figure out if Lagunamoon's products are as great as they claim. 

lagunamoon essential oils set

Products & Offerings

If there's one thing Lagunamoon is good for, it is their coverage of all things beauty! From essential oils to skincare, nail polish, and most things in between, you'll be able to find a beauty item that meets all your hopes and dreams.

The Lagunamoon website has categorized their offerings effectively for the user. You can choose from categories including, Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, Essential Oil Gift Set, Nail, Skin Care, Bath & Body, and Oral Care. Ill be going into a few of the categories in more detail to provide more information about the product offerings available. 

Quality & Purity

Lagunamoon claims to have 100% pure essential oils. On their labels it states that the oils are pure therapeutic grade essential oils. This sounds great, but don't be blinded by the marketing. 'Therapeutic grade' is simply a marketing term that many brands use on their essential oils.

Since there is no company that oversees the quality of essential oils on the market, it is easy for some brands to market them however they choose. By stating that the oil is 'therapeutic grade' may convince consumers that their oils are tested for purity and quality.

Lagunamoon does not provide information on their website about any sort of purity testing done on their products. Most reputable essential oils brands will state that their oils have gone through processes like GC/MS (Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer)  to ensure no unnecessary or unwanted contents are in the product.

This is the best way to guarantee that the oil you will be receiving is pure. It is not guaranteed that Lagunamoon essential oils will be the highest quality or purest on the market, so if this is something you are looking for in a product, then Lagunamoon essential oils may not be the oil for you. 

Essential Oils

Lagunamoon provides over 100 options for essential oil scents. You have the option between larger 150ml bottles or smaller 10ml or 30ml bottles for selective scents. The larger bottle comes in a dark glass bottle with a dropper tool which will allow for precision dropping.

All of the essential oils found under this category are individual scents that they claim are steam distilled and 100% pure. Steam distilled means that the flower, herb, spice (whatever material the oil is scented as) has been placed over boiling water. The steam from the boiling water passes through the raw material of choice, which vaporizes the volatile compounds.

Once enough vapor has been collected, it flows through a coil where it is then cooled and condensed back into a liquid. Essential oils are fun to get creative with and mix them together to create a unique blend of scents. What is great about the website is that they provide suggestions of scents you can add to different oils so that you can create a unique blend on your own. Some great essential oil recommendations and their potential benefits are listed below. 

1. Tea Tree Essential Oil: Cleansing & Rejuvenating

lagunamoon tea tree oil
  • Helps promote and support a healthy immune system
  • Cleansing and anti-bacterial properties to help fight skin irritations
  • Protect and support against environmental and seasonal irritants 
  • 2. Lavender Essential Oil: Relaxing & Calming

    lagunamoon lavender oil
  • Known for its relaxing and calming qualities
  • Helps to recover skin quickly
  • Relieves tension in muscles
  • Fragrance Oils

    Fragrance oils are listed separately from their essential oils on the website because they are either pre-mixed blends or fragrances that are not intended for topical use or ingestion.

    Though we often recommend against ingestion of essential oils, some people still see benefits of ingesting essential oils. Fragrance oils should under no circumstances be ingested. These products should be used specifically as additions to diffusers, or creative projects.

    Fragrances like these are great to use in soap or candle making, bath salts, or other creative DIY projects. What is great about these fragrance oils is that they take the guessing game out of creating a blend on your own. Seasonal scents are also released depending on the time of year. These should NOT be confused as an essential oil, meaning they will not provide any health benefits when used. 

    lagunamoon fragrance oils
  • Helps promote and support a healthy immune system
  • Cleansing and anti-bacterial properties to help fight skin irritations
  • Protect and support against environmental and seasonal irritants 
  • Gift Sets

    One of the great things about the website is adding an essential oil gift set to your cart. Around the holiday season, Lagunamoon is the perfect place to find a gift set for all of the essential-oil-loving people you are close with. We love the selection of gift sets on this website.

    There is a variety of sizes and scents you can choose from. The largest set comes with 20 essential oils, and the smallest set is just a bundle of two oils. The packaging for these gift sets are also super cute, and easy to repurpose! For some of the sets, they come with a beautiful zip-up case that you can easily use to carry your oils around with you, or close it up and use it as a cosmetic bag. 

    Bath & Body

    There's really nothing better than coming home after a long day of work, running the bath, pouring a glass (or two) of wine, dropping a luxurious bath bomb into the water, and just taking time to completely relax. Who doesn't love a good bath? Lagunamoon provides some fabulous bath bomb sets. You get the choice of a 6 pack, 12 pack, or 28 pack of their handmade bath bombs.

    They claim that their bath bombs are organic, natural and hand made. On the website it states that bath bombs provide an extraordinary bath experience, as well as some great skin care benefits. When you click on the bath bomb set that you're interested in, the website does a great job at listing the benefits of the bath bombs, as well as how to use them correctly. Along with the bath bombs, they provide a small selection of shampoos and a body wash to make your bath experience even more luxurious. 

    Cost & Value

    We just learned that the purity testing for Lagunamoon essential oils is not as thorough as other brands, but what does make them competitive is their pricing. If you are just looking for some nice smelling essential oils to drop into a diffuser, or make a candle with, then these oils may be a good option for you since they are quite reasonable when purchased in a set.

    The prices can all be found on the website and they are definitely affordable for set of essential oils. Considering the price for an individual 15ml essential oil is $10.00, and some of the gift sets containing 4 oils is $11.99, your best option is to add a couple of the gift sets into your cart and close the deal. The site will typically hold sales on their products to encourage consumers to buy their products guilt-free. The most expensive products on the website is their skin care line. These products range from $15-$120 regular price, but are marked on sale quite often. 

    Testing & Guarantees

    The Lagunnamoon website doesn't provide as in-depth information regarding the testing compared to other essential oil companies. It is always great to get some solid information regarding what type of purity testing has been done on the products before purchasing, but unfortunately we do not get that assurance from this brand.

    Although we do not get any purity test information, they do provide us with the following guarantees: no animal testing, cruelty free, vegan friendly, and provide FDA approved products. Although these claims are listed on the website under certain products, it is hard to know for sure whether this information is reliable considering there doesn't seem to be any official certifications, documentation, or labelling on the products themselves.

    We do not get any information regarding parabens, non-GMO, or testing for the purity of the essential oils. We would like to trust the company for what they state on their website, however it is not proven otherwise. 


    Overall, this brand provides a big selection of products at a reasonable price. Their website is easy to use, however I wished that it was a bit more cohesiveness in their product descriptions, testing, and tips. I believe Lagunamoon essential oils best be used for DIY projects like candle making, soap making, or diffusing. I cannot fully trust that they are pure enough for topical use or ingestion.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are Lagunamoon essential oils fake?

    It cannot be proven that Lagunamoon essential oils are fake. On the packaging is states that the oils are pure and steam distilled. However, not much more information is provided about the purity of the oil.

    Are Lagunamoon oils organic?

    The brand claims on their website that some of their products are made with organic ingredients. This is not noted on every item, so if this is important to you, I suggest you do your own research and find a healthy essential oil that suites you.

    Which essential oils are the purest?

    If you are looking for which essential oils are best, I would recommend taking a browse through other brand reviews that we have done by clicking here. Purity is very important when considering a healthy essential oil, and since Lagunamoon cannot prove other than their packaging that their oils are pure, it may be in your best interest to research other reputable brands.

    What essential oils should you avoid?

    Essential oils should be avoided if they cannot be proven to be high-quality, tested for purity, or have bad reviews. Many brands can market essential oils however they would like without the legal support of getting their products tested. Researching and reviewing the brand should be prioritized.