Healing Solutions Essential Oils Review


Healing Solutions is an American essential oils company located out of Phoenix, Arizona. Unlike many of their competitors, they're not a MLM (multi-level marketing) company. They offer a wide array of high quality essential oils at a reasonable price point. Their goal is to provide their customers with the same high quality therapeutic oils and blends that would normally be found in small boutiques. Purity is extremely important to Healing Solutions, so they strive to work with the some of the most renowned suppliers to ensure their products are among the purest available on the market today.

As you know from our other reviews, purity is what separates the mediocre companies from the best. Some companies could have the best labeling, product packaging, variety and price point, but if their oils aren't tested properly and have contaminants, all the other perks don't matter. For this review, we're going to mainly see how Healing Solutions stacks up against the others when it comes down to purity, sourcing, and testing. 

About Healing Solutions

Healing Solutions offers a wide variety of essential oil singles, blends, and sprays. They're known for providing pure, high quality products at an affordable price point. Quality is the foremost concern to Healing Solutions, and because of this they actually have sourced a permanent in-house Essential Oils Specialist. Seldom do we see any companies who have an in-house Specialist dedicated to quality control, so this is definitely a plus to us!

Quality & Purity

Healing Solutions provides their customers with full transparency when it comes down to what actually goes into the bottle. The company has a thorough testing process in order to ensure they're selling top quality, pure essential oils. Anyone who has purchased a bottle of essential oils from Healing Solutions can check out their GCMS testing results here. All you have to do is input the lot number located on the side of the bottle. 

Testing & QA

The company has recently built an in-house laboratory where they conduct all of their testings to make sure each bottle is pure and unadulterated. The best way to understand their testing system is to input a specific lot number into their GCMS testing. I recently purchased a bottle of ylang-ylang essential oil to help me fall asleep at night. Just by clicking on the product, I can see the most recent test results, the GC-MS testing results, all of the ingredients in the bottle, how it was tested (testing equipment used, etc), testing conditions, and a final analysis of the product. If you're really into aromatherapy like I am, you can then compare your findings to other companies who also post their test results.

In terms of extraction methods, Healing Solutions essential oils are mainly extracted through steam distillation. Steam distillation is the most popular method of extraction for aromatherapy and I would have to say one of the most trusted methods of extraction.

One con to their testing, though, is the fact that they solely rely on third parties for all ingredients and extraction. This is a con to us because we really think it's important for companies to be completely involved in the extraction process to ensure the highest quality of ingredients are being used. That being said, their thorough testing process makes up for where they lack in the extraction process. 

Top 3 Oils from Healing Solutions

1. Peppermint Essential Oil

healing solutions peppermint oil

One of our favourite peppermint essential oils on the market belongs to Healing Solutions. We find it blends the best with other oils in comparison to other peppermint essential oils out there. The aroma is strong and it's a powerful anti-pain remedy.

2. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

healing solutions eucalyptus

We love a good eucalyptus oil! This oil has been a staple in our homes for the winter months during flu and cold season. It diffuses really well and it also is really relaxing when mixed with a carrier oil and applied topically. 

3. Lavender Essential Oil

healing solutions lavender oil

This lavender oil is a really good one. It's a bit pricier than the other isolates, but that's typical for lavender essential. This oil is a pure essential oil and we think it's one of the best lavender essentials on the market. I noticed a change in my sleep when I applied this oil topically (after being diluted) onto my feet before bedtime. I slept right through the night and didn't have any lingering fatigue in the morning. 

Product Offerings

Healing Solutions offers a wide variety of therapeutic grade essential oils, blends, and sprays. They also offer carrier oils, oil sets, and organic oils. 

Single Oils

Healing Solutions offers over 130 different types of single oils. The average price per bottle is around $15, with some being as low as $11 and some going up to the $50+ price range.

For each single, the company breaks down all of the ingredients, the strength of the aroma (super important should you have have any sensitivity to scents), and where the oils were extracted from on the plant. They also tell you the method of extraction and the general scent of the essential oil. I had my eye on their lavender essential oil and before purchasing, I knew it was extracted via steam distillation, the strength of the aroma is medium, and it came from the flowering tops. I also learned how to use the oil and which other oils it blends well with.

I purchased the oil to compare it to this other lavender essential oil I had purchased from my local apothecary shop. In comparison, it stacked up pretty well. Healing Solutions suggested I blend their lavender essential with Bergamot essential for a restful sleep, but I don't have one (yet!) so instead I just combined my new lavender oil with some coconut oil and applied it to my feet topically. I had a lovely sleep and slept right through the night! 


I think the blends by Healing Solutions are some of their best offerings. One of my favourite blends is their Health Shield blend. This blend comprises of a few different Healing Solutions essential oils like Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Lemon and Rosemary. It's great to use in your diffuser to create a warm aroma full of health benefiting properties. You can also apply this blend topically when mixed with a carrier oil of your choice! This blend comes in at $26.50 and is pretty affordable considering it's a blend of unadulterated, 100% pure therapeutic grade oils.

If you enjoy blends, you should also check out their Head Relief blend and their Calm Body Calm Mind blend. Like the Health Shield, these blends are made up of isolate oils that are very high quality. I found both of them to be super effective. 

Other Products

Along with their single oils and blends, the company also offers sets, sprays, and carrier oils. Most companies we review offer all of these, but it's the sets that have really stuck out to us in terms of how much you can save when purchasing an oil set from Healing Solutions. They offer almost 30 different sets, some small ones and other large ones which can make for great gifts come the holiday season. 

Customer Service

Healing Solutions offers some great customer service. They offer a lifetime refund guarantee on all products, and a 7 day return policy if you're dissatisfied with your product. The customer service team is available during regular business hours should you have any questions about your order or just want more information regarding their products. If you live in the US, you get free shipping on every order over $50.

One con we noticed though, is perhaps the inauthenticity of the website and the reviews. Almost every single review is a five star review. When you look at their Amazon reviews (yes, they do a lot of their selling on Amazon), the reviews seem much more accurate. We don't particularly enjoy it when companies use aliases to fill out website reviews!


This is definitely a company you want to check out if you're looking for pure, unadulterated oils at a reasonable price point. As we previously said, our only cons would be our hesitation towards companies using third parties for the extraction processes and the questionable authenticity of the website. Overall, we would recommend this company. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Healing Solutions Essential Oils:

Are Healing Solutions Essential Oils pure?

Yes, the essential oils are 100% pure. They have a thorough testing process to ensure they only sell the highest quality products.

Is Healing Solutions a good essential oil brand?

In our opinion, yes! The company offers a wide variety of products and stands behind the quality of their products 100%.

What essential oils help with healing?

Depends on what you're healing! You can use any of the above mentioned singles and blends (lavender, ylang-ylang, Health Shield, etc) for a variety of healing solutions (hah!).

What is the best essential oil brand?

That's a good question! We think we might have a good idea, so check out our full article here. We compare and contrast all the companies making the best essential oils, and also let you know which brands to stay away from!