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Eden's Garden Essential Oils Review


Eden’s Garden is one of the larger, more widely known essential oils companies. With the continued skepticism around large essential oils companies like doTERRA and Young Living (both of whom are known for being critiqued on false claims, misleading consumers, and skirting FDA regulations), readers are increasingly concerned with the practices and claims of these large companies. The good news is that all the heat surrounding false claims of essential oils is starting to give consumers more incentive to do research, and companies more incentive to conduct honest, transparent business practices. So, which side of the fence does Edens Garden fall on? Can you trust their products? We decided to find out for ourselves.

three edens garden vials

Individual Edens Garden Essential Oil Reviews

1. Eden's Garden De-Stress Set

de-stress kit from eden's garden

Eden's Garden excels in producing what we believe are the best blends on the market. Their "Synergy Blends" are packed with therapeutic benefits, and are expertly crafted. They are powerful and potent, but balanced enough to not overpower your space. The De-Stress Set contains three great blends: Stress Relief, Relaxation and Quiet Time (which is our personal favourite). These are staples in our house that we use pretty much daily in our diffusers, and in some other uses. Buying them in the 3-pack as opposed to individually is a great value too, so we can't recommend this set enough. 

2. Good Night Synergy Blend

good-night blend from edens garden

Unfortunately not included in the De-Stress Set is our second favourite from Edens' Garden: Good Night. This blend is an incredible balance of floral, earthy and citrus tones. With a lavender base, with hints of ylang ylang, lime, vanilla and bergamot, this soothing blend is so good for winding down after a long day. We love diffusing this an hour before bed. It doesn't have enough citrus to invigorate you before hitting the hay, only enough to help purify the air. The lavender induces a deep relaxation that should have you sleeping like a log! If you can find a 10ml bottle for around $15 it's a great deal in our books!

3. Anxiety Ease Synergy Blend

anxiety ease edens garden

Managing your anxiety can be difficult, and thankfully, aromatherapy is an effective treatment for alleviating symptoms of anxiety. It's estimated now that 40% of adults will experience some form of anxiety Eden's Garden's Anxiety Ease is the perfect blend for those looking for a little relief from their anxiety. The blend they have managed to concoct is a balanced fusion of citrus, lemongrass and ylang ylang that soothes nerves and brings stillness and calm. We often diffuse this oil, or use in our homemade lotions and has become part of our daily routine. 


In order to deliver the highest purity, they use mostly steam distillation and cold press. Though the processes are different, the method chosen has more to do with the type of botanical than its effect on the result. For example, it is much more effective to use cold press distillation on citrus botanicals than steam distillation. These extraction methods are not the be all end all of purity testing, however. Further tests are often conducted to ensure that everything from the extraction process to the botanical itself yields the purest essential oil.

Because of the extraction methods used by Eden’s Garden, their essential oils are definitely in the upper echelon of purity. Eden’s Garden also does testing on their oils to further ensure purity. While this is definitely one of the areas where Edens Garden stands out from the pack, you can check out Arom's comparison to see how they stack up against the best essential oil brands.

natural ingredients

Extraction Methods

Essential oils can be extracted from a botanical in a number of different ways. The most common are steam distillation, cold press and solvent extraction. Extraction methods are decided on based on the type of botanical and the desired quality of the product. Steam distillation and cold pressing produce the purest essential oils, whereas solvent extraction produces absolutes. Absolutes are generally less pure than essential oils, hence the categorization. The least pure oils are of course synthetic oils. Despite their reduced purity, absolutes can be processed in a way that yields very pure oils with little or no solvent or other constituent present. However, steam distillation and cold press still yield higher quality oils in that both the aroma and the therapeutic effects of the essential oil will be stronger.

Given that the extraction method is such an important determiner of the quality of oils, let’s look at how Eden’s Garden holds up. Eden’s Garden gladly shares information on the extraction methods of each and every one of their oils. Eden’s Garden does sell absolutes (their jasmine and rose oil, two very common absolutes), but the rest of their oils are extracted using steam distillation or cold press. We’ve found that they tend to use the best possible extraction method for each type of oil, indicating that they make quality a high priority.

Here's an example of steam distillation of lavender oil

Grading & Certifications

100% Pure

Eden’s Garden claims their oils are 100% pure with no pesticides, synthetic chemicals, GMOs, or other adulterants. However, they don’t advertise any verification (other than the GC/MS) for these things. Much like getting certified organic, these purity markers require verification by third parties. While they don’t appear to be verified by third parties such as the Non-GMO Project, they do not use any harmful chemicals (including fertilizers and herbicides) at any stage in the growing or distillation process. 

Other Certifications

If a top priority of yours is seeing a list of certifications, there are other companies that have Eden’s Garden beat. This doesn’t mean that Eden’s Garden oils are contaminated in any way. Getting verified is a lengthy and costly process. With GMOs for example, the Non-GMO project technically only determines an absence of GMOs below a certain threshold. The project itself admits to the impossibility of testing with certainty that a product is 100% GMO-free. This margin of error exists in a lot of third party labels, so it’s at your discretion to decide how important these certifications are. Lacking this label doesn’t mean that a company actively uses GMO products.

number 1 non-MLM distributor

Testing/Quality Assurance

The standard industry purity tests for oils are the GC/MS tests (gas chromatography and mass spectrometry, respectively). In essence, what these tests do is analyse oils for impurities, such as undesired constituents or contaminants. These can come from the extraction method or from the botanicals themselves. A lot of companies do in-house testing, which can be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. If you trust a company’s transparency, in house testing can reflect their high standards. The caution with in house testing is that it’s a bit like grading your own test. Third party testing can suggest a higher level of honesty in a company’s procedures.

Eden’s Garden does third party GC/MS testing, which we think is worth emphasizing. It reflects confidence in the company's product and takes away any incentive to hide results. It is common practice with MLM companies to advertise having these tests done, but then refuse to release the results to their customers. Eden’s Garden, on the other hand, discloses the test results on their website. Eden’s Garden also does not add bases or additives to their oils. 

info card from edens garden


Eden’s Garden is one of the bigger companies out there, so it goes without saying that they offer a wide variety of essential oils and products. From singles to blends, Eden’s Garden offers literally hundreds of choices. They have all the basics, and even some unique aromas like Pink Pepper. The variety is almost overwhelming, but one of the best parts about Eden’s Garden is their variety packs.

Variety Packs

Eden’s Garden offers all kinds of variety packs from starter oils to unique blends. Better yet, you can opt to fill your own variety pack with your own customized choices. In the world of online shopping, this is definitely a rabbit hole to be aware of! Sets are offered in 3, 6, 12 and even 18+. 

Kid Friendly Oils

Eden’s Garden also offers kid-friendly blends designed specifically for common needs of parents and children. There are 18 kids blends for all kinds of things like “Germ Ease” and “Head-A-Sore-Us.” This line of oils is designed for therapeutic/naturopathic purposes. They are, of course, not intended as a replacement for medication or to be used as a cure for common childhood maladies. They are designed as aromatherapy blends with scents that kids will enjoy, each of which is made to address certain ailments like colds and fevers.They even offer blends designed to help calm hyperactive kids - and their fatigued parents. 

three oils from edens garden


Eden’s Garden offers pretty great prices for 10mL of your basic single oils. The great thing about their oils is that you can get them in different volumes. Most are offered in 5mL, 10mL and 30mL bottles. Like all essential oils, the price varies depending on the kind of oil you get. If you’re well researched on the market, you’ll know that some especially rare oils can go for as much as $200 for 5mL. Even with their most costly oils, Eden’s Garden prices are pretty competitive. 


The real value of Eden’s Garden essential oils is in their huge selection. Between their singles, blends and customizable variety packs, Eden’s Garden oils can easily be your one-stop shop. Their options and pricing on their variety packs are especially good, making them ideal for all you bulk buyers out there. It’s also a great option if you like you DIY essential oil based products (like soaps and lotions), since you can get a variety of singles and blends all in one variety pack. They are also the number one rated non MLM essential oils company, so that’s something! You can read more about our reservations with MLM business practices here.

vial arrangement


Personally, we love a label with as much information as possible. It’s a great feature if you’re interested in the therapeutic benefits, and especially if you’re interested in making your own blends or products. Having dilution suggestions, ingredients and note designations can all save you the hassle of trying to find the information online.

Eden’s Garden labels typically include the basics such as ingredients and cautions (especially important with kids blends). But they are also marked as safe for topical use (where applicable) and even gives a list of “Ways to Use.” This makes the company a great choice to those less familiar with the many ways you can use essential oils, and can be a great guide for even seasoned essential oil lovers.

We’d love to see some more information on note designations. It’s also really nice when the labels include information about distillation processes and the types of testing/grading done, but since all this information is available on their website, it’s no cause for concern. 

Final Verdict: Are Eden's Garden Essential Oils a Good Buy?

So, what's our final Eden’s Garden essential oils review? They are definitely a top tier brand, boasting tons of options, lovely blends, reasonable prices, and easy accessibility (you can order them from their website or from tons of other online stores). They make some of the best blends in the market and many of their oils are part of our daily routines. 

They are also transparent with their business practices and quality control. It’s not that Eden’s Garden products are poor quality by any stretch, but they do lack some of the certifications lots of people like to see, such as certified organic and non-GMO. But overall, Eden’s Garden offers a huge variety of pure, high quality oils at a good price, so we give them the thumbs up!

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