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Hello and Welcome to AromEssential!

When I first learned about essential oils, I was skeptical. They'd been around me growing up, but never thought much of it. Other than putting tea tree oil on a zit to "dry it out" I really hadn't had much more experience with essential oils growing up. Two things led to the birth of AromEssential. As my wife began to use essential oils more frequently, I became interested in where the oils actually came from - what brands were using actual plants, what brands were just imported and synthetic bullshit. Then, my experience in the cannabis industry and learning more about the endocannabinoid system and the entourage effect, opened my eyes to the power (and risks) of essential oils. It became important that we purchased high quality, pure essential oils, and with all the misinformation out there, this blog came to life.

What does it mean if an oil is high quality or not? Which ones are organic? What oils do use in what situation? Which ones are actually worth the money? We spent hours doing the research to try and answer these questions because at the time there was not just one source  where we could find it all in one place. And that’s exactly why we started AromEssential. 

And while after all of our time spent digging, there are certain brands and types of oils that we do prefer to use, we don’t necessarily want to just tell you what oils you should buy. Sure, we can recommend some for various reasons, but ultimately we want to use the hours of research we’ve put in to help educate you, empowering YOU to make the right choice. 

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